Feed Unstructured data and extract values

Intelligent Extraction using Natural Language Processing

Our solutions use blend of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Computer Vision (CV) and other Machine learning approaches to understand the business context present in documents and extract desirable business information from them.

  • Extract data from structured/unstructured documents.
  • Works on digital files (pdf and image), scanned documents, emails.
  • Automatically classifies business documents coming in emails or FTP.
  • Customized NLP models to understand your business context.
  • Model trains automatically on your documents and understands the pattern.
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Unique benefits gained using Extracto

How Extracto Works

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Extracto Data Capturing Use Cases

Extracto offers the easy and fast implementation on many document types


Classify and Extract data required for accounting from invoices and receipts.


Classify and Extract key information from legal agreements or contracts.

Financial statements

Capture relevant information from bank statements, tax reports etc. for more insights and analytics.

KYC Documents

Instant capture of KYC details, which can make customer acquisition frictionless and can reduces cost.

Utility Bills

Classify and Extract information required from Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone, Internet bill etc.


Contact us to discuss any document chalanges you may have, and we would be more than happy to get it automated.

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