Automate Data Extraction

Capturing information from volumes of data incoming from variety of sources such as PDFs, images, emails, websites and loading it into downstream applications for further consumption can be a cumbersome task. Businesses have to deploy not only dedicated resources but also skills in extracting information relevant to their domain.

Extracto automates your business processes and optimizes operations by helping you extract contextualized information from business documents using Artificial Intelligence. With our solutions, you can extract information from millions of documents with higher levels of accuracy and reduced manual intervention.

Invoices/Reciepts Data Extraction

  • Extract key information like invoice number, invoice date, amount, taxes etc.
  • Extract product/item details.
  • Process Invoices with minimal or zero manual intervention through our curated workflows.
  • Download extracted data into an excel/csv or integrate it with downstream applications via REST APIs.
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Invoice Entity Extraction
Decotation of hidden context and values from unstructured files

Legal Agreements/Contract value extraction

  • Extract agreement particulars like signing parties, contract period, effective & termination dates, legislation details etc.
  • Customized workflows and validations to detect anomalies.
  • Process agreements with minimal or zero manual intervention.
  • Gain insightful information faster than ever with unmatched accuracy.
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Financial statements entity extraction

  • Extract facts & figures from Bank statement, Form 16, Tax certificates.
  • Convert or formulate extraction into excel, csv or any other flat file format.
  • Use our validator service to review the process efficiency.
  • Use our reporting dashboards or integrate the results with any other system.
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draw out Financial key information
Extract information for kyc Processing

KYC Document Processing

  • Empower your KYC documentation and verification process with AI.
  • Excerpt details from Identity cards, address proof documents in no time.
  • Ensure 100% accuracy through our validator workflows.
  • Integrate through API and push data directly to your system.
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Utility Bills Processing

  • Unsheathe valuable data from utility bills with different formats.
  • Get much higher accuracy at a fraction of the cost.
  • Combine custom validations with our curated workflows to process bills faster.
  • Amalgamate using our APIs or downloadable formats.
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Utility bill information Extraction
Extract information for kyc Processing

Customize Document Data Extraction

  • Pull out Key data points from your documents matching your business terminology
  • Use Review system to verify extracted information and complete workflow.
  • Integrate through REST APIs and push data directly to your system.
  • Customized reporting dashboard to track performance on business data extraction.
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